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  • Click Add
  • Select Appointment
  • Or: Go to Calendar
  • Click Add
  • The New appointment window opens
  • In the Title box, enter the appointment’s title
  • Select the Start date and Start time of the appointment
  • Select the End date and End time of the appointment
  • [Optional] Select if people should receive a reminder of the appointment
  • Type the location in the Location box
  • [Optional] Define the Type of appointment. Read more about teleconferences on Schedule a teleconference.
  • [Optional] In the Remarks box, enter your comments
  • Select the required Attendees
  • Select if you want the attendees to receive an email notification of the appointment
  • [Optional] Select one or more attachments

In the notification email, the attendees only see a reference that there are attachments; they are not actually attached to the email.

  • Click Save

This notification is interpreted as an invitation by several email programs including Microsoft Outlook. By clicking Accept in the invitation, the appointment is planned in the Outlook calendar, and an email is sent to Viadesk in which the acceptance has been included. Members can also manually accept, decline or indicate ‘tentative’ in the group calendar. The initiator will receive a notification email stating this.