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Find meeting time with Pick Date

With the Pick Date feature, it is possible to collaboratively find the best time to meet. That way, it is easy to find a date and time for an event or meeting that fits in everyone’s schedule.

Picking a date

How does it work?

1. The organizer selects two or more moments and invites a group of Viadesk members involved,
2. All invited members indicate which of the meeting options match their availability.
3. The organizer picks the optimum meeting date. Viadesk converts the selected meeting date into a Calendar appointment, and allows the organizer to send all invited users a meeting request.

The Pick Date feature has been integrated into the shared Calendar, so it is automatically available in all groups where the Calendar functionality is enabled. Group managers can enable the Calendar options via Management > Menu tools. Via Management > Add button the ability to add Calendar appointments or Date Pickers can be enabled for users inside your group(s).