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Schedule a recurring appointment

For an recurring appointment – like a monthly meeting – you can add an recurring appointment. This way you only have to add this kind of appointment once.

  • Click Calendar
  • Click Add recurring
  • Check the Attendees to the appointment by checking their names
  • Enter the Subject of the appointment
  • Enter the Start time of the appointment
  • Enter the End time of the appointment

Specify whether the meeting recurs Daily, Weekly or Yearly

  • [Optional] When you select Daily, enter the number of days the appointment recurs
  • [Optional] When you select Weekly, enter the number of weeks the appointment recurs and on which day
  • [Optional] When you select Yearly you can choose between a recurring day of the month or a date
  • enter the Location for the appointment
  • [Optional] In the Remarks box, enter your comments
  • Check if you want the attendees to receive an email notification of the appointment or not
  • Click Save