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Respond to a question

Both the person who asks the question and the person whom the question was asked can add a Reaction to a question. People who have the permission to add can also add a reaction to the question.

Text response and attachment

This is called reaction, because every type of reaction is possible, including an addition to the question. A reaction does not necessarily have to be an answer. When a reaction provides the answer to the person who has asked the question, he can mark it as such.

  • Go to the question to which you want to give a Reaction
  • Type your reaction in the text field below
  • Click Save
  • The person who asked the question will receive an immediate notification that a reaction has been added to the question.

When you add a response you automatically follow the question. Read more at Notifications.


Adding a poll might come in handy when, for instance, you want to find out what members think is the best response to the question.

  • Click the tab Poll
  • Enter the poll or question
  • Under Options you can add the different answer options. By clicking Add options you can enter more answer options.
  • If you select Accept multiple answers you allow members to select more than one answer
  • Optional: select Allow preview of result before voting
  • Click Save


If you add a task as response to a question, you connect actions to question immediately.

  • Click the tab Task
  • Enter the Name of the task
  • Optional: enter the Date that the task should be finished
  • Optional: add a Milestone. You can group tasks that are related under a milestone
  • Optional: add extra information under Notes
  • Assign the question to the members who should answer the question. By ticking Notify a notification email will be send
  • Click Save