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  • Click Add
  • Select Email
  • Or: Click Outbox
  • Click Email
  • The Send email window opens

By clicking on one of the three arrows on the left of the names you can define in which box you want to add the addresses: To, Cc (copy of the email), Bcc (copy of the Email without this is visible for other recipients).

  • Select recipients or enter recipient email addresses. Separate email addresses with a comma (,). Or click the blue link All members or All contacts to select all members or contacts simultaneously.
  • Select which sender address you want the email to have: your personal email address or the group address

In some situations it can be very useful to share all project communication. By selecting the group email address all replies will be sent to the group inbox. Type the subject of the email in the Subject box.

  • Type the message in the Message box
  • [Optional] To add an attachment to your email message, click Select attachment. Select the file you want to upload.
  • [Optional] To insert an additional attachment, click Select attachment again and select another file on your computer. You can also add documents you have copied to the clipboard in Viadesk.
  • To save the email in the group tick Save email in group. The email will be visible for group members.
  • [Optional] Select the option Send as mailing

By selecting to send the email as mailing you send everyone a unique Email, without other addresses being visible for other recipients. Also in the saved email in the outbox the addresses of the recipients are not visible.

  • Click send. If you do want to send the email immediately, you can save the email as Draft. The email is saved the Outbox and it will be shown in italic font.

As a standard, an email is shown in Recent changes and included in the report email. If this is not required, the group manager can disable this feature for emails: Control > Reports and New since.