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Receive an Email and group address

A group email address is automatically generated in the group. This is done automatically on the basis of the name of the group:, e.g. If you want to change the name in front of the @ character, you can do this in Edit.

When you change the name of the group (Management > Name) the email address is not automatically adjusted. To do so click Inbox, click edit and click save. The Email address is now changed according to the new group name. You can also set automatic forwarding of emails here.

  • Click Edit
  • Change the email address
  • [Optional] Set Forward received email to all membersĀ or insert email addresses to which group emails must be forwarded (use comma as separation character)
  • Click Save

If an email is sent from a personal email address, a reply is sent to the personal email address and not to the group email address.