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Add a survey

  • Go to the group or folder in which you want to put the Survey
  • Click Add
  • Click Survey
  • In the Title box, enter the survey’s title

Tip: If you plan to place a link to the survey on the Startpage of the group, it is recommended to communicate the subject in the survey title. Ask yourself whether the survey title will invite people to complete it.

  • In the Status box, select one of the following 3 options; in preparation, active or closed
  • If you are still preparing the survey, set it to In preparation. Once you have prepared it, set it to Active.
  • As soon as you have done this, the public link will also be visible as well as the Complete survey button: people can now complete the survey
  • If you have sufficient answers or the term to complete the survey has expired, you can set it to Closed. The Complete survey button will disappear and the public link will take visitors to a page indicating that the survey is no longer active.

The status can be adjusted at all times, and you can reactivate a survey again.

  • Optional] Enter your Email address in the Send responses to this email box, if you want to receive the answer sets of respondents by email
  • Click Save
  • Now, you can start setting up the survey