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Add a close-ended question

Use close-ended questions if you want to be able to analyse and compare answers to the question well.

  • Click the page to which you want to add a question
  • Click Add question
  • In the Name box, type the question or field name (forms), e.g. ‘Date of birth’

The Export name is given above the column name in case you want to export the results e.g. to Excel later. The name is filled in automatically an based on the title entered by you. Usually it is an abbreviation. If you want to enter a name that you will recognize easily, you can enter it here.

  • Optional] Enter an Export name
  • [Optional] In the Comments box, enter your comments or provide additional information about the question
  • If answering the question is required, select the box under Required. Respondents will receive notification when they did not answer the question.
  • Select the type of question: Close-ended

When a close-ended question is selected, you can choose any of the following answer types:

  • Radio button: All possible answers are listed; the respondent can only check one option. Select this option to give respondents the choice between two options, otherwise the page will be very long.
  • Pull-down: All possible answers are listed in a pull-down menu. Select this option to let respondents choose one option from a list.
  • Checkbox: All possible answers are listed; more options can be selected. Select this option to allow respondents to check one or more options.

For all answer types you have several settings available:

  • The export key: If you want to edit the results at a later stage, it may be useful to add a code to the answers. Example: Yes = 1, No = 2. During export all Yes answers will then be translated to 1 and all No answers to 2.
  • Free field: If you select a free field for an answer to a radio button or checkbox question, you do not have to enter an answer option. The answer option Other and a text field are automatically added. It makes no sense to check this option for a pull-down menu answer.
  • Order: If you want to present the answers in a different order than in the order you entered, you can modify the order with this option.
  • End of the line: If you check End of the line Off, the next answer is displayed behind it. If you have e.g. short answer options, you may chose to display them all consecutively.
  • Skip if not selected: If you want to skip a selection of questions when a particular answer is given, this is possible. If you want to know someone’s opinion or experience, for instance, you can first ask him whether he is familiar with something. If he is not, it is useless to ask him any further questions on this specific subject.
  • Correct answer: This option has been added for customized use and is not in use in regular Viadesk
  • Click Save to save the question
  • You will see the page you just generated
  • If necessary, you can Edit, Delete or Move the question