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Add an open-ended question

Use open questions when you want to give respondents the options to state their opinions. Open questions are also useful when the answers can be very diverse or personal but you do want exact answers (e.g. year of birth or Email address). Remember that it is more difficult to analyse the answers to open questions than to close-ended questions.

  • Click the page to which you want to add a question
  • Click Add question
  • In the Name box, type the question or field name (forms), e.g. ‘Date of birth’
  • [Optional] Enter an Export name

The Export name is given above the column name in case you want to export the results e.g. to Excel later. The name is filled in automatically an based on the title entered by you. Usually it is an abbreviation. If you want to enter a name that you will recognize easily, you can enter it here.

  • [Optional] In the Comments box, enter your comments or provide additional information about the question
  • If answering the question is required, select the box under Required. Respondents will receive notification when they did not answer the question, and will not be able to continue until they answer it.
  • Select the type of question: Open
  • In the Width box, enter the maximal width of the question box (‘200’ is 200 pixels)

When respondents have the freedom to enter text, it is not necessary to specify the width, because the width of the screen is chosen automatically. If you only want short answers, e.g. a number, you can narrow the field (e.g. to 100 pixels).

When an open question is selected, you can choose any of the following answer types:

  • Free text: Specify a maximum number of characters for answers
  • Number: Specify a minimum and maximum of decimals that answers may have and enter the number here. If it is e.g. an amount, the number is limited to a maximum of 2 decimals.
  • Date: Specify a term limitation to the date: the date must meet the order dd-mm-yyyy. If you do not want such limitation, you can also use the type of question Date selection.
  • Email address: Select Email address when respondents need to enter their Email address. The system will check if the email address format is valid.
  • When the question is ready, click Save to store the question
  • You will return to the survey page overview. You will see the page you just generated.
  • If necessary, you can Edit, Delete or Move the question