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You can define tasks with owners, deadlines and priorities in a group. Tasks that are added to the Startpage are shown under Tasks with their due date.

Add a task

From the start page you can add a Task via Add > Task. From Milestones and Tasks in de group menu, you can add a task or milestone via Add. Here, you will also see the overview of all the Milestones and Tasks in the group. Are there any actions evolving within a discussion, put them directly into response Tasks. A task added as a response automatically will be shown in the overview available in the menu item Milestones and tasks and My tasks on the Startpage. This allows one to add tasks within their context, without losing track of all todos.

  • Add a Name
  • Choose a Date as deadline
  • Select Milestone or add one

A Milestone is a sub target as part of the (project)planning. A Milestone groups tasks in the same subject.

  • Explain the task under Notes
  • Select to whom the task should be Assigned to

Are there many members in your group you can use the search option. Clicking everyone will select everyone in the upper box. Selected members will be moved to the lower box. Clicking nobody will remove all selected members.

  • [Option] Select if the assigned members should receive a notification from the task
  • Click Save

Change task status to complete

Once a task is completed, the members to whom the task is assigned can check the task as done. The task will be striped through.

A task can be checked as completed via My tasks on the Startpage, the place a task is added or the menu item Milestones and tasks in the group the task belongs to.

A task can be checked as completed by clicking the box in front of the task name.