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When you want to collaborate on a text directly in Viadesk, without uploading a new document, you can use a Text item. A Text item is a combination of a note and a wiki page, with multimedia functionality.

Wiki functionality

Just like in a wiki, every edit a user makes is saved as a new version of the text. That way, every group member can easily view previous versions and restore an older version of a text when necessary.

Crop of a screenshot of the Viadesk wiki feature, showing a text diff.

Users can also view a comparison showing the differences between two versions (a so called ‘diff‘), where additions and deletions are clearly marked:

  • New additions are displayed on a green background,
  • Deletions are marked red, with strike-through text.

This enables all collaborators to review how a text progressed.

Pictures and video sharing

In a Text, you can also:

  • add images, in different formats and aligments (left, center or right aligned); and
  • share videos and slides from external sites like Slideshare, Vimeo, Prezi and YouTube.
  • Click Add
  • Select Text
  • Add text to the Text

You can also add metadata:

  • Select the relevant Predefined tags beneath the available Labels
  • Enter additional Tags
  • Click Save

When you add a text you automatically follow the text. Read more at Notifications.