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Viadesk in Explorer (Windows)

Go to your Windows Explorer on your computer to access groups and folders easily in Viadesk.

  • Click Tools.
  • Select Network Drive folder.


The following window will open.


  • Click on the bottom of on the blue underlined line “Sign up for online storage…
  • Click Next.
  • Click Next.
  • Enter the URL from which you approach Viadesk. When using the extra security option SSL the S is set behind HTTP (for example htpps:// If you are using this option use the S to avoid errors.


The following window will appear to connect you to Viadesk.


  • Enter your User name and Password.

Note: The possibility is offered to save your password. This may be useful because the next time you click the network drive the connection will automatically be made. However, when confidential information is stored in Viadesk, you might want to consider not to check this box.

A connection is automatically made and all your groups and documents in Viadesk will be accessible via Windows Explorer.


Typical Viadesk items such as text, forums, polls and Emails are not recognized by Windows and therefore are not shown in Windows Explorer. To see or edit such items, you have to log in to Viadesk via the Internet.