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Zip files

Use Zip import to upload several folders and files into the group in one go.

  • Click Add
  • Select Zip
  • Use Browse to select the Zip file on your computer
  • Disable the option Copy folders, if you do not want to copy the folders structure
  • Click Save

When you add a Zip file you automatically follow the Zip. Read more at Notifications.

Depending on the size of the Zip file and the speed of your internet connection, importing can take several minutes. A maximum can be set to the number of Mb you are allowed to upload. You can may want to split these into several Zip files and upload the files (and folders) as such then.

Another possibility to upload a large quantity of documents fast and simple is to add Viadesk as a network disk to your Windows Explorer. Read more about this feature in the WebDAV section.