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Select member lists

With member lists you can give access to a homogenous group of people. Each member listed in this specific member list or members who are added later, automatically have access to the group.

When providing a member list access to a group, it is not possible to specify individual permissions for members in that list. You can only specify the permissions for the entire member list (all members).

If you want to give certain members specific permissions, you need to add them as group member via Select members. If someone is added via a member list and as an individual, the highest permission level will apply. If you believe that someone has too many permissions, it is best that you remove him from the list via Setup > General > Member lists or that you add all members individually.

  • Go to Management > Members and permissions
  • Click Select member list
  • Select the required member list(s)
  • Click Save
  • You will return to the Group namePermissions window. You can see that the selected member list(s) has (have) been added. Now you can specify their permissions within the group.