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Standard layout

Not only can the manager select which elements are displayed on the startpage, he can also determine the layout of the page.

  • Click Management
  • Select Startpage

Many elements offer two options, Show and Sort. The Show option offers the following layout possibilities:

  • List: the elements are shown as a list with titles and publication dates
  • Details: this option gives a summary of each item. This display option offers most information on an item and, as a result, takes up most space.
  • Thumbnails: this display option is very convenient for images. Small versions of the images are shown on the screen when this option is selected.

The Sort option offers the following layout choices, whereby you need to specify whether you want to display items in ascending or descending order:

  • Alphabetically: the items are sorted alphabetically either from A to Z (ascending) or from Z to A (descending)
  • Chronologically: the items are sorted by edit date: either new to old (descending) or old to new (ascending)
  • Member: the items are sorted by last name of the member who was the most recent contributor to the item: either from A to Z (ascending) or from Z to A (descending)
  • You can specify how many Announcements need to be displayed on the startpage. This option allows you to prevent the startpage from filling up completely with announcements that may no longer be relevant. The most recent starting date will be shown on top. If more than the selected amount of announcements is put on the page, they can be reached via a link to the File, which shows all items.
  • It also possible to specify how many Notifications you want to display on the startpage
  • In the advanced options under announcement, you can specify whether the Announcement always needs to be top of the list. If this option is selected, the startpage in no longer taken into account. Only people with adding permission can put announcements on the startpage (of Home).
  • In My Calendar you can specify whether a day calendar or a week calendar needs to be displayed. Both options show the current day or week.
  • On Home members are shown as thumbnails by default. In a regular group they are by default shown as list. In this management page you can change this setting.