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Set labels and predefined tags per group

Labels can be switched on and off per group. This way, you won’t overwhelm members with too many options and make just the relevant labels and predefined tags available.

For example: you use Viadesk as a project environment for event organization. The group which offers information about the location, uses the label ‘status contract location’. This label is not relevant for the group that documents information about the participants of the event.

  • Click Management in the left menu
  • Click Labels and shortcuts
  • Under tab Select labels you can select which predefined tags you want to make available when members add an item
  • Click Save to save the changes

Icons behind the labels show to which items the label can be added. The webmaster could have set a label which can only be applied to, for example, a document and discussion.

  • Under tab Menu shortcuts you can select the predefined tags for which a shortcut should be made. The shortcut will appear in the left group menu. This makes it easier for members to find all the items and experts to which the predefined tag is added.
  • Click Save to save the changes