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Group menu

The group menu is on the left of the page, which shows (depending on the settings Management > Menu):

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  • Group name: By clicking on the group name you will return to the group Startpage, wherever you are in Viadesk
  • Tags: Here you find all information that is available in the group (Home shows all information from all groups) sorted by (predefined) tag. You can also use Tags to add definitions to all (predefined) tags, thus creating a glossary or a reference framework together with other members of the community.
  • Members: Here you find all group members – Home shows all Members.
  • Contact: When activated, this is where members can find who to contact with questions about content or use.  A webmaster or group manager can change the shown text via the Actions button on this page.
  • Search: From this point you can search all items of this group and even all groups to which you have access. More about this feature in Search.
  • Folders: Folders enable you to file information. A triangle in front of a folder indicates the presence of subfolders. Click on the triangle to view them.
  • Predefined tags: For predefined tags that are highly relevant to the group it is possible to insert a link to the definition page of a specific tag in Tags (Management > Labels and shortcuts > Menu shortcuts).
  • Calendar: Schedule appointments for (a selection of) members here. More about this feature in Appointments.
  • Milestones and tasks: This menu item gives insight in the (project)progress with an overview of the group’s Milestones and tasks
  • Relations: Here, a survey is shown of the relations of the group. More about this feature in Relations.
  • Inbox: Here, all group email is received and saved. The email address is automatically generated on the basis of the group name: groupname@yourdomainname. More about this feature in Receive email.
  • Outbox: Send an email from here. More about this feature in Send email / Send mailing.
  • Chat: For direct contact, use this feature to start a chat session. To enter a chat session, click Chat .
  • Log: The activities of the group can be viewed here from different perspectives: activity logs, the number of visits, and popularity. More about this feature in Log.
  • Trash: When something is removed from the group, it will not be deleted immediately, but be moved to the trash. More about this feature in Trash.
  • Management: This function is accessible to group managers only. Here they can set the group settings. More about this feature in Managing groups.