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You can search within the group for all available information.

  • Click Search in the left menu.

You can specify your search command by:

  • Enter multiple tags and search on all, at least one or without these words.
  • Search by period or date when the searched item should be Created or Last modified.
  • Specify the document type or type of item.

If you’ve selected a document type, you can:

  • Search for the latest version. When version management is used, it is possible to only search the latest version.

More options to specify you search are:

  • Search by Name, Contents and Tag.
  • Limit the search results by specifying the predefined tag(s) for the search result. If you select more predefined tags, only search results will be shown in which all selected predefined tags have been checked.
  • Click Enter or click Search to show the search results. You can also search all groups. This way, you will search all the information available on home.

The number of search results is limited to a maximum of 250.