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Advantages of Labels

The introduction of labels means improvement on certain levels. It allows you to make metadata more specific. Besides that, the extra settings offer more flexibility in the use of metadata. With this you can let Viadesk work even better for you – regardless if you are using it as project environment or community.

Features of labels

Via Setup > Metadata > Labels you can see, add and edit labels. For each label you can choose for what items (file, discussion, folder etcetera) that label can be used. Besides that, you can decide if the label appears on profiles, i.e. members can become expert on the predefined tags of a label.

  • Name a label and group tags under this.
  • Per label you can set on what items it should be available. Some labels, status for example, might only be relevant for documents.

Use labels in groups

  • Set per group which labels should be available. Use only labels that fit the context of the group. This offers extra flexibility because it allows you to define labels per group, without ‘bothering’ other groups with it.
  • You can use as many labels you want – also within a group. However, do consider not to overwhelm members with too many options.

Labels can be made available in a group via Management > Labels and shortcuts.

Maybe you think: that sounds complicated. It will indeed take some thinking to set labels perfectly, but once put into use they will offer you big advantages. Read the examples to find out how it works.

Example: labels used in a project

When uploading a document you can make use of the following labels: Subject, Document Type and Status. The example below shows the tags spatial planning, environment and road construction for the label Subject. The example illustrates that extra metadata give more information when visiting the page of the document. The document  can also be found – through search or the menu item Tags (renamed from Abc) – on status concept and document type drawing and the added tags (in this example: OPB).

Schermafbeelding 2010-07-30 om 3

Example: labels used in a community

Within a big community, groups often discuss specific topics. For those communities labels come in very handy, because labels can be turned on per group. Making the labels more specific helps finding the right information and experts.

In this example, the label Subject consists of the predefined tags regulations, policy, safety and energy saving. The label Organizational type consists of the predefined tags local government, national government and semi public. When is searched on policy or local government the question will appear in the search results.

Schermafbeelding 2010-07-30 om 3

If you have any questions on labels please add a response, call us or send an email to We are happy to help you.