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Labels describe items and experts

The label feature offers extended options to define metadata for items or experts. This offers different ways to search for information and experts.

With a label you can predefine relevant tags in your Viadesk environment. Members can then add one or more tags to an item, for instance a document, question or discussion. This is called tagging. The predefined tags offer better search options, for both information and experts.

Where can I find my old topics?

Your existing topics will still work like you are used to.

  • Via Setup > Metadata > Labels you can edit your topics anytime you like.
  • You can rename the topics, for i.e. from topic to theme.
  • You can change the existing topics and rename them in more than one label. If you use topics that are only relevant for several groups, this can be useful. By renaming existing topics to specific labels and making those labels available for specific groups, you only offer relevant information to members of the group.

Read more on labels and see examples.

Viadesk customers told us they would like to to define their own input fields to better describe and find their information. This is now possible with labels. If you want to add for example a status field for documents you can create labels for this.

If you have any questions on labels please add a response, call us or send an email to We are happy to help you.