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Update October 2010

Since the 13th of October, new features are available in Viadesk:

  • You can follow items which interest you. If you follow an item, you will receive personal notifications to keep you up-to-date. You can adjust the settings of the notifications to your own preferences.
  • You can upload multiple files at once. This may be useful if you want to upload documents for a meeting, or photos.
  • From now on, you can post messages on the right side of the startpage. Next to messages on the middle of the startpage, this offers an extra possibility to get attention for important information.

Personal notifications

If you read an item – for instance a document or a discussion which interests you – you can follow this item. If anything changes in the item, for instance a reaction of another user, you will receive a notification. This way you will be kept up-to-date and never miss important information.

  • You can find an overview of the notifications of all the items you follow at My Notifications in the main menu bar.
  • It is also possible to display my notifications on the Startpage.
  • You can choose whether you want to receive notifications by email and/or RSS. A personal and secured RSS feed can be set in your emailclient, browser and/or RSS reader. You will be kept up-to-date, even when you’re not logged in to Viadesk.
  • The frequency of notifications per email and/or RSS can be adjusted to your own preferences. If you do not wish to receive notifications per email, you can switch off this feature.
  • The webmaster can switch of the RSS feed, so this feature will not be available for other users. You can read more about notifications here.

Upload multiple files

Results from our customer research indicated there is a strong need to upload multiple files at once.

  • We have implemented this request immediately and created a multiple file uploader.
  • Useful if you want to upload documents for a meeting in Viadesk.
  • Do you want to know more about this feature? You can read more here.

More space for messages

In an active Viadesk domain, the startpage is quickly filled with important information. If you want to post a short message, you can now post this on the right side of the startpage. This saves you room in the middle of the page for other information. Read more about messages.


If you have any questions on these new features, please contact us at or + 31 20 305 7660.