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General – Dossier settings

Webmasters can edit the settings of dossiers via Setup > Groups.

Note: This item is automatically disabled in Viadesk. If you want to have access to this item, please contact us.


  • Name is the name of the dossier.
  • [Optional] In the Composition field you can specify whether the dossier name needs to be composed from the input of the other fields.┬áLike in this example: the name of the dossier is formed by the Last name, First Name of the person the dossier is about. For example: Bond, James.
  • [Optional] To ensure that the fields are completed (correctly), you may want to restrict answers by filling in a code in the Validation regex box. For example “\d{7}” restricts input to 7 digits only. If the input differs from 7 digits the system will give a notification. The dossier can not be saved until the field is filled in correctly.
  • The tag needs to be a unique number, e.g. a tax number or a patient number. It is important to set a restriction to the tag because the tag is used to compare the different dossiers across groups. It is used to check whether the person has already been included in a dossier in a different group.
  • In this example the webmaster determined that the tag, the VIP number, needed to consist of a minimum and a maximum of 7 figures