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Show private groups

When you decide to show Groups, you have the option to show private groups. This means that someone may not have access to the group, but he can see that the group exists: he can read the description and see who the members are. The group is also displayed on the Profile of the members. Members can get a clear insight which groups exist, without having access to them. Members can also see if there are other groups of which he might want to become a member.

Do not select this option if you do not want every member to see all groups. Groups will now only show the groups to which the member has access. Only the groups a member has access to will show in the profiles of other members.

  • Click Setup.
  • Under Groups, click Settings.
  • Select or unselect the option Show private groups.
  • Click Save.

When members are not members of a group, the displayed list of all groups will inform them about the existence of the group. If the group is about a subject that is relevant to them, they can easily send a request to join the group.