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Groups – Templates

Webmasters can reuse group settings for new groups by creating Templates. This option is available under Setup > Groups > Templates.

A template of a group literally means a copy of the group at the moment the Template is made. For a new group using this template all settings are saved in one click:

  • the settings are copied from the the original group at the time of creation of the Template.
  • members are added and their permissions are set (if available).
  • folders and documents are added (if available).
  • the custom layout is added (if available).

A template is a snapshot of a group. Future adjustments of the group will not be saved in the Template. Also groups that are based on this group will not be updated.

  • Click New Template.
  • Select a group you want to create a Template from.
  • [Optional] Give a discription of the Template.
  • Click Save.

From now on this Template will be available when adding a group.

Using Templates will save you time if you change the settings for groups. You can reuse your settings by saving them in a Template. With this you can, for example, create a standard for a project- or knowledge group. Also you can easily create groups with standard start up documentation and folders.