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Implement labels

To implement labels takes some thinking and research on information. This page will give you some tips on how to take labels into practice.

Labels per group

Per group you can set labels. With this you can set very specific labels for every group. You can make a label available in group via Management > Labels and shortcuts.

  • Take in considiration that too general defined labels won’t work when a certain subject is the main topic. Therefore rather add an extra label to meet the specific needs (of a group).
  • Set per label for which item it’s available. So forget that a label also should be relevant to become an expert on. You can decide wether to offer a label on a profile or not.
  • A label name you can use more then once with there own separate tags. This can come in handy to create some uniformity over groups.

Don’t set labels too early, but neither too late

Not too early: before setting labels, first think on what the goal is of the application and where you are going to use it for. Different groups can serve different goals and therefore have different labels. When inventory this at forehand you can find the best way of setting labels.

Not too late: when labels are not available yet, contributions can directly be tagged. When labels are not available yet early posts need to be tagged afterwards.

Make predefined tags concrete

Predefined tags can only be used for one label. It happens that a certain tag has two different meanings in different contexts and you want to use both within your application. However the tag can only be used once.

To get the guessing out of tagging it is therefore best to formulate as concrete as possible. The more specific, the better. An example: development can be used for product development, but mean something entirely different for the HR department. For the HR department development means offering courses and developing skills.

Changing order of labels and predefined tags

Change the order of labels and tags within labels can be done via Actions on the page Setup > Metagegvens > Labels. Here you can sort the tags within a label in an order that makes the most sense.

It’s also possible to move tags under another label here.

When labels are already in use, do consider that moving tags to other labels can have consequences:

  • Moving a tag to a label that only allows one tag to be selected will only be removed with existing items.
  • Moving a tag to a label that is not used in a group can make the tag invisible.