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Set labels and predefined tags

Via Setup > Labels you can add and set labels. Click the button Add > Label. You are directed to the page below:

Set labels

  • Fill in the name (subject) of the label under Name.
  • In the box under Predefined tags you can add predefined tags. By clicking Add, you’ve created a predefined tag. You can add as many predefined tags as desirable.
  • With the option Apply to… you can set which items the label can be applied on.
  • Under Display you can choose how the predefined tags should be displayed.
  • If you tick the box before ‘Members can become expert of the underlying tags‘, you allow members¬†to become an expert on the label. Allowing this makes it easier to find relevant members¬†with certain expertise.
  • Click Save.

To make the labels and predefined tags available in a group, go to Group Management > Labels and shortcuts and select which labels should be available.