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Set labels and predefined tags

Via Setup > Labels you can add and set labels. Click the button Add > Label. You are directed to the page below:

Set labels

  • Fill in the name (subject) of the label under Name.
  • In the box under Predefined tags you can add predefined tags. By clicking Add, you’ve created a predefined tag. You can add as many predefined tags as desirable.
  • With the option Apply to… you can set which items the label can be applied on.
  • Under Display you can choose how the predefined tags should be displayed.
  • If you tick the box before ‘Members can become expert of the underlying tags‘, you allow membersĀ to become an expert on the label. Allowing this makes it easier to find relevant membersĀ with certain expertise.
  • Click Save.

To make the labels and predefined tags available in a group, go to Group Management > Labels and shortcuts and select which labels should be available.