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Metadata – Tags

When a member ads an item, Tags can be entered. For example, tags can be used in addition to predefined tags. Member can search on tags, which makes information easier to find. It is also possible for a member to add tags to his/her Profile, to provide more information about his/her background.

As a webmaster, you can get an overview of the added tags in your Viadesk via Setup > Metadata > Tags. In this overview, you can easily remove tags.

  • Click Setup.
  • Under Metadata click Tags.
  • You now see an overview of all the added tags in your Viadesk.
  • The number behind the tag corresponds with the number of times the tag is added to an item.
  • When you click the cross behind the tag, you will delete the tag from your Viadesk.
  • When you click a tag, you go to the definition page of the tag.

If a tag is entered frequently, you may want to consider to add it as a predefined tag to a label.