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Retrieve information easily

Information can be found back easily in Viadesk. You can use the tag feature as well as the extensive search function.

Tagging: categorise information with the use of tags

Tags provide information about an item, for example about the subject or the status. If you feed information into Viadesk, you can add tags to this information.

  • The menu item Tags will provide you with a list of the tags that are used in a group (Home lists the tags of all your groups).
  • Click a tag to view all items linked to the tag.

As a webmaster you can set tags that other members just have to tick. Make it easy for others to tag information. Read more about these predefined tags.

Search function

The extensive search function enables you to search by tag, item type or document type.

  • The search function in the group menu allows you to search for information within the group
  • The search function on the Home page allows you to search for information in all groups to which you have access
  • Viadesk also checks whether your search string is present within a document. So you are not only searching in file names, but also within the content of documents.