Changing a member’s password

Webmasters can change a member’s password. If someone has forgotten their password and is not allowed to request a new one using a Forgot password’ link, it can be handy for the webmaster to create a temporary password for them.


  • The member in question cannot reset a password for themselves
  • After logging in, the member can change their password themselves 
  • For security reasons, members should change their password immediately after logging in so that no one else (including the webmaster) knows it

Changing a member’s password

  • Go to the member’s profile (Setup / Members)
  • Search for the member
  • Click on the member
  • Click on the profile photo
  • Choose Edit
  • Password
  • Enter a secure password
  • Repeat that password
  • Save

Shortly afterward, check whether the member has changed their password.

Go to the Adding a ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login screen.

Always securely send passwords.