Set up the general news page

If the news module has been activated and you have editorial rights, you will be able to format the general news page. This page is visible to everyone on the platform and can be found in the navigation bar.

  1. Use the navigation bar to go to the news page
  2. Click on Format page
  3. Add widgets using the + widget button
  4. Click on ‘Done!’ to save all your changes

Several news widgets can be added to this page – one with news from the news module, and one with news from all groups or from a specific group, for instance. All of this can be configured using each widget’s settings.

This is an ideal page not only for news widgets but also for shortcuts to YouTube videos and X (Twitter) timelines, as well as the Most read widget.

If elements mentioned in these instructions are not visible on the platform, this is because those options are locked.