Activating the personal start page

If the personal start page has been activated, everyone sees their own page on logging in and can often personalize that page too. Members can add, delete and move widgets themselves.* 
This may mean that everyone’s start page looks different.

How to activate 

  • Setup
  • General
  • Personal start page
  • If desired, check Make visible to all members*
  • Give the personal start page a name – Home, for example
  • Then specify how it will appear in the navigation bar – as a picture or as text



Design tab
There are five columns that can be configured in different ways. Choose the format that best fits the organization.

*This only applies if permission has been given. See the tips below.


  • Try several different formats before making the personal start page visible to all members.
  • One or more columns can be locked. This means that members will not be able to change them.