Formatting the personal start page

Webmasters can choose the column format (how many columns are available, etc.) and can also fill the columns with content. This is useful when it comes to information that everyone should see and that should not be deleted: general announcements, shortcuts to frequently used forms or websites, and news, for instance.

Formatting the start page for the entire platform

  • Setup
  • General
  • Personal start page

Name and default widget layout

Select Default (the default layout) and you will be taken to the general start page, which is the same for all members (unless they have made changes*).

The border surrounding the screen or the button with the text 'Ready' indicates that this is the start page for the entire platform and not your own personal start page.

  • Create the content, drag widgets to the right place and click on Done!
  • If there is content that no one is allowed to move or delete, lock these columns by taking the following steps:
  1. Design tab
  2. Personal columns
  3. Uncheck the box by the columns to lock them

Webmasters have access to the organization’s personal start page and also to their own personal start page as members. Look carefully to see which page you are making changes to. If you are working via Setup, the changes will be for everyone. If you are working on your personal start page, only you will be able to see the changes.

*Members can only customize their own personal start page if the webmaster has given them permission to do so. If the webmaster has locked all the columns, members are unable to make any changes.