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Use this feature to create extra attention for certain items. An Announcement improves the visibility. The message will be displayed on the Startpage of the group, on Home or in a folder.

  • Go to the item you want to Announce
  • Under Actions click on Announce
  • The Announce window opens
  • Enter a Title
  • Add a Text explaining why this item needs extra attention

Use the layout options to draw extra attention to your text. Via the image icon you can also select a picture that will give extra emphasis to your Announcement.

  • Under Location select where you want to put the Announcement. Depending on your permissions on the location where you want to put it (adding permission minimum), you can upload it to the Folder, the Startpage of the group or on Home.
  • [Optional] If you open the Advanced option, you can select the Starting date and the End date of the publication period. If you do not specify the publication period, the Announcement is displayed immediately and ‘forever’.

Announcements are always displayed in chronological order. The item with the most recent starting date will be on top.

  • [Optional] Check Show announcement at the top of the lists, when you want your Announcement to be top of the list, irrespective of the selected Starting date.
  • Click Save

The announcement will be displayed on the Starting date. When no starting date has been selected, the Starting date will be the date and time on/at which the Announcement was stored.