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Add a group

Use the Groups page to Add a group. A group can be started for a specific group of people who want to exchange information on a subject or who want to collaborate on a project. The person to generate a group will automatically become the group manager.

The webmaster can set whether or not members are allowed to add a group: Setup > Groups > Settings.

  • Click Groups
  • Click Add group to start a new group
  • The Add group window opens
  • Enter the Name of the group
  • [Optional] Select a Template to base your group on

A webmaster can create Templates from excisting groups. When this option is not available in your application, there are no Templates created. All settings will be taken over from this Template. Using templates therefore makes sense when you customise the settings in your groups.

  • [Optional] Provide a Description of the group, e.g. a short summary of the purpose of the group

This description will also be shown on the Groups page where the group is displayed. It is recommended to write a general introduction that shows the purpose of the group that also makes sense to people who are not members. If you want to display a picture on the Startpage, it can be copied and pasted in the Description field using the “tree” icon.

    • [Optional] Select the Category for the group. This will arrange the group (at the bottom of the Groups page and under My groups on the Home page) under its respective category rather than in alphabetical order.
    • [Optional] check ‘All members can visit the group‘ to allow access to the group to all members. You can do this, for instance, for general groups that should be accessible to everyone.
    • [Optional] check ‘Guests can visit the group‘ to allow public access to guests (external visitors). This means that everyone who has the ability to access your domain will also have access to your group without having to log in. These ‘guests’ will only have reading rights within the group. Usually this option is not available for security reasons.

Member lists are used to allow access to All members and Guests. The webmaster can set the availability the All members and Guests lists as follows: Setup > General > Settings. More information about this can be found in the Setup help files.

  • Click Save
  • The new group is opened immediately. You will enter the Group name > members and permissions screen.

You can also add members to the group at a later time: Edit > members. When you are a manager (a member who has the right to ‘edit’), you will see the option Edit in the left-hand menu of a group. Regular members will not see this option!