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Ask a question

Disclosing knowledge starts by knowing who knows what. If you have a question, you know who to turn to. Ask a question helps you finding the right person who can provide an answer. By linking predefined tags to members (read more about this in the section Profile), you can directly see who is an expert on what subject.

Because the question is addressed to specific persons, it will get their attention. Asking direct questions to specific persons instead of asking the question “in general” increases the chances of a respons. The experts also receive a notification by email which enhances response speed. This email includes the question with a link to the question in Viadesk for a respons.

The great benefit of Ask a question is that implicit knowledge becomes explicit: both question and answer are stored in Viadesk and consequently shared among a large group of members. The positive side effect is that members¬†benefit from each other’s questions.

If you do not wish to address the question to a specific person, then do not select anyone in the list of members. This means that nobody will be notified by email, but the question will be reported as a new item in Recent changes.