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When you have found relevant information on the Internet, you can share it with the other members.

  • Click Add.
  • Click Bookmark.
  • Enter the subject of the Bookmark.
  • Enter the hyperlink.
  • Select the relevant Predefined tags beneath the available Labels.

If the webmaster has not entered any Labels and Predefined tags, this feature will not be available. It is also possible that Labels are not available in the group you are in, or cannot be added to the item bookmark. Read more about this option in Metadata.

  • Enter relevant Tags, for example in addition to the selected predefined tags.

Any tag can be entered. The system may suggest a possible tag on the basis of previously entered tags. When entering tags, bear in mind that people will use it as a search criterion. The more frequently a tag has been used, the more extensive the search results will be.

Note: all punctuation marks will be removed with the exception of: ‘ & _ – . , When you want to enter more words as one tag, use quotation marks for this word string, e.g. “class action”.

  • [Optional] Add comments or a description.
  • Click Save.

When you add a bookmark you automatically follow this bookmark. Read more at Working in groups > Notifications.