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Embed content

Embedding content from external websites is limited to sites that have been whitelisted. Currently, Viadesk users can embed:

  • Video‚Äôs hosted by Youtube and Vimeo;
  • Maps from Google Maps;
  • Presentations from
  • Documents hosted on
  • Links from

If you would like to embed content from another third-party website, please contact us.

Embedding content

Embedding content from the above listed websites only takes a few steps:

  1. Find the embed code on the external website, and copy it.
  2. Next, login to Viadesk and create a new item. For example, a Text.
  3. Add a title and optional description, then click the Embed content button:

    Screenshot highlighting the embed content button in Viadesk

  4. This will open a popup window with an input field where you can paste the embed code. Paste the code, and click Next:

    Screenshot of Viadesk with embed code pasted in text editor

  5. Viadesk will now show a confirmation screen, where you can confirm that the right content is being embedded.

    Screenshot of the confirm embed in Viadesk

    Confirm by clicking Save.

  6. In the Text item you are creating, a light grey box is now shown as preview of the embedded content.

    Preview of embedded content in Viadesk

  7. Click Save, and the embedded video or presentation will be visible to all members of your Viadesk group or platform.

    Embedded Vimeo video in Viadesk