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Add new version

File versions makes it easy to work together on files. With version control a new version of a document is grouped with older versions. This allows collaborators to retrieve older versions, so modifications are never lost and can be restored when necessary.

All group members with Add permissions can add new versions to an existing file.

  • Open the page of the document you are collaborating on
  • Click the Add new version button:

    Screenshot of a document page in Viadesk, with an Add new version button

  • Select the new version via Browse
  • [Optional] In the New in this version field, describe the changes made in this file version:

    Screenshot of the Viadesk add file version input

The New in this version input can be used to summarize what changes have been done to the document. Another possibility is to use this as an approval for a (project) proposal. For example: ‘Except for my last comments, approved.’

  • Click Save

The folder list always shows the most recent version of a document. The version number has been added to the file name. Earlier versions are shown and accessible when you click the document.
Older versions can be removed later by checking the box behind the version. Members need editing permission to remove old versions.