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Metadata can be used for all items and are intended for easy retrieval of items with the Search engine or the menu item Tags (see more about this feature under Tags). Adding metadata makes information much more accessible, because it can be retrieved via various paths.

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In addition to improving accessibility of information, metadata also gives the member who is viewing an item an immediate picture of what the item is about. There are two ways to indicate that an item is about a specific subject: by selecting a predefined tag from a label, or enter a tag.

A webmaster is able to set Labels. Labels group predefined tags. The webmaster can indicate to which items a label is added. Once the webmaster added labels and predefined tags, the group manager should set which labels are available in a specific group. This can be done via Management > Labels and shortcuts > Select labels.

The Predefined tags available in a group, can be selected when adding an item. For example, you can add a predefined tag to a document. Via Search and the menu item Tags, the document can be found on the predefined tag.

It is also possible to enter Tags. When a tag is entered, Viadesk will suggest a possible tag on the basis of the tags that have already been stored in the system. This improves uniformity of the tagging (e.g. products rather than product). A webmaster can pre-enter a series of tags to start a specific relevant set of tags.

Any tag can be entered. The system may suggest a possible tag on the basis of previously entered tags. When entering tags, bear in mind that people will use it as a search criterion. The more frequently a tag has been used, the more extensive the search results will be.
Note: all punctuation marks will be removed with the exception of: ‘ & _ – . , When you want to enter more words as one tag, use quotation marks for this word string, e.g. “class action”.

When a member is viewing an item, he will see the selected (Predefined) Tags displayed as links. Clicking (Predefined) Tags will take the member to the definition page. This page shows, besides the definition of the (predefined) tag, the items to which the tag is added and, when available, the experts.