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A poll is a great tool to quickly gather opinions on a certain topic. People can vote (anonymously) for their preferred option, but also give their view or Response (not anonymous).

Add a poll to a group to gather the opinions of the members on certain topics quickly. You can also use this feature to start a discussion.

  • Click Add
  • Select Poll
  • In the Name box, enter the poll’s title
  • In the Proposition or question box, type the proposition or question
  • Enter the different answer options
  • [Optional] Select Display link ‘Show results’ for members which have not voted yet.

You can also add metadata:

  • Select the relevant Predefined tags beneath the available Labels
  • Enter additional Tags
  • Click Save

Use the 10 answer options and ask your members to rate. This is an easy way to measure the appreciation of the use of Viadesk or the value of a document, etc.

When you add a response you automatically follow the poll. Read more at Notifications.