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If you want to respond to a file or other item or express your opinion, you can add a Response. You can give a text response, where you optionally can add an attachment to as well. You can add a poll or task as response.

You can also show your appreciation by rating the item (voting). Click the thumb up or down icon. Read more about this feature in the section Rating items.


Interactive responding is possible with every type of item:

  • Add a text response either with or without an Attachment. When the attachment is a picture a preview is shown in your response.
  • Add a Poll as response when different opinions arise in the discussion which are causing confusion.
  • Are there any actions evolving within a discussion, put them directly into Tasks.

Your response is added below the file. You can edit your response (at a later stage) by clicking Edit. Only you, a manager or a webmaster can edit your response.