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Use web surveys to collect valuable information from your Viadesk members or external relations. You can publish a survey in the group (for members only) or make it accessible on a public webpage, so that it becomes a public survey. For every survey there is a public link that allows people to complete the survey without having to log in.

Tip: Surveys can also be used as a form, e.g. as a registration form for an event.

Surveys can best be placed on the Startpage of a group, because group visitors will see them immediately under Surveys. If you want to discuss the content of a survey with a select group before you go public, you can secure the survey with limited permission during the preparation stages, to prevent it from being visible to everyone already. If you regularly generate surveys, it is recommended to start a separate group for surveys. As soon as you want to publish a survey, you can email the public link (also see the Send mailing section), or announce it on the Startpage of the group, e.g. by means of a message. To get extra attention from all members, a webmaster may also choose to publish the link on the Home page (Setup > General > Messages).

Note: If you do not want members to export the results you can add limited permission to the survey or add it to a separate group for surveys.