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How do I add several members in one go?

When you are a Webmaster and you want to add several members in one go, you can import members from an Excel document. When you use the correct template, you can add several members with only few actions.

The Excel document should at least have the following fields completed: First Name, Last Name and Email.

Other fields are optional. If, for instance, you happen to know for which organisation a new member is working, you can also enter these data in the Excel document.

For members imported via the Excel document, you can set group membership in one go.

You can also edit contact details or group membership of existing members in one go when the Excel import functionality is used. Create an export (Excel) file containing the members. Edit the contact details and then import the Excel document again. The old contact details will be overwritten and updated in this procedure. Read more about importing members via an Excel document.