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How do other members see my contribution?

When you place a contribution in Viadesk, your contribution will be available to other members immediately. Your contribution will also be shown under Recent changes.

Recent changes on the Home page is a personalised survey of the changes to the groups of which the member is a member. A member will only view the items to which s/he has been granted access. The home page of a group will display the Recent changes to a group. The group manager sets the nature of the items to be shown under Recent changes.

Recent changes are collected in a report email every working day. Here, too, they are treated as being personal: the email will show only the changes in the group(s) to which that particular person has access. The report email is sent to alert other members to your contribution. From the email they can click to your contribution.

Apart from Recent changes and the report email, you can also increase the exposure of your contribution. Put an announcement on the Home page or on the starting page of a group. You can also email a specific request to a selection of members that contains the link to your contribution.