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In what format do I have to add a contribution?

You can choose your own format for your contribution. Whatever format you choose… your contribution will be available in a central location.

If information is enclosed in documents, it is easy to make these documents available to other members. Just put the documents into the relevant group and/or folder. If you want to react to a document, you no longer do this by email, but directly alongside the document in Viadesk.

News is made available by adding a news item. A note is shared by adding a text. If you have something to say involving everyday routine, just add a message.

Do you need input from other members? Ask a question, either directed to a specific member or to all members of a group. In a discussion you interactively exchange experiences or opinions. A poll is ideal to sound out the members’ opinions about certain topics quickly. In a survey you will gather qualitative or quantitative information about one or several topics.

Using the chat function will allow you to communicate real-time with other group members. The contributions of all participant in a chat may be stored in a text item. This will make this information available to other members as well.