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After signing in, you will be taken to the Homepage. This page combines personal information and general information. These are the personal components:

  • My Groups; these are the groups to which you have access. The number behind the group name indicates the number of changes to this group since your last login.
  • My Questions; these are all questions in which you are involved. The photo will show who asked the question; the colour green indicates that the question has been answered. Once a question is marked as ‘answered’, it will remain visible for another seven days, so you can check who exactly answered this particular question.
  • My Calendar; this calendar shows all your appointments and tasks from all groups.

Another important component on this page is:

  • Recent changes: Here you find a survey of all recent changes within the entire community. As such, it provides a summary of all new information in all groups to which you have access. You can look at the information by type by clicking on a tab. You can also sort the information.

Home is the perfect location to share information that is relevant to everybody. This may, for instance, be a general explanation of the use of Viadesk and background information about the community. The functionalities work in the same way as in a group. In groups. members need to be granted access explicitly: every member has Home. The content added on this page – folders, documents, discussions – are accessible to everyone. The difference with regular groups is that, in Home, you can search all groups. What’s more, Members lists all members, while Tags provides information from all groups.

The default setting is that all members have read only permission on the Home page, which means that only the webmaster can add information. This can be changed by giving explicit rights to members via Managing groups > Members and permissions.