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The personal Profile offers you the opportunity to provide information about yourself. Complete profiles provide insight in backgrounds and expertise. With the use of profiles, members can find out whom to turn to for know-how on a specific subject. You can also store other information that may be interesting to other members here. To edit or add your profile, use Profile under Account at the top of the screen, wherever you are in Viadesk.

  • Click Profile under the Account.
  • Click Edit.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Describe your Expertise areas.
  • Link your profile to Predefined tags, which are grouped in Labels.

If the webmaster has not entered any Labels and Predefined tags, this feature will not be available. It is also possible that Labels are not available to become an expert on. The webmaster can add Labels and make them available for experts via Setup > Meta data > Labels.

  • [Optional] Add tags, for example in addition to the selected predefined tags.

You are free to enter your own tags. Of course it is also possible to enter a personal characteristic as a tag (e.g. multi-tasker).

  • Click Save to save your changes.

Do not forget to add your photo as well, so other members can recognize you:

  • Add your photo. Click on Edit photo, choose a picture on your computer or select a standard image.
  • Click Save.