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Set your preferences

Under Account personal preferences are listed in Preferences. This feature provides you with the following tabs.

  • Emails & Reports. Here you can set the dispatch dates for reports and set if you want to receive notifications with questions.
  • Groups: set the groups which you want to be updated on changes via reports and Recent changes on Home.
  • Language & Privacy: choose the language preference and adjust the display of your online status.
  • Go to Account and click on Preferences.
  • Select the days on which you would like to receive a report.

At Account > Preferences you can set Notification by email. With this setting you can adjust the frequency of your notification emails. By default, the notification email is sent once every four hours. You can change this in once every five minutes, once every hour, once a day or never.

It is also possible to specify whether you want to receive an email when another member asks you a Question. If you prefer not to receive an email, you can switch off this option:

  • Go to Account and click on Preferences.
  • Under Notify by email, disable the option New question.
  • Click Save.

Under the tab Groups you can adjust the alerts to your needs. Limit updates to groups that are most relevant to you. Being a member of multiple active groups can easily lead to information overload, causing the most relevant information to be overlooked. Therefore it’s possible to set for each group whether you want to see the changes in your daily email report and in Home’s Recent changes.

  • Go to Account and click on Preferences.
  • Unselect the groups in which you don’t want to see changes.
  • Click Save.

In the Language & Privacy tab:

  • Select the Language of your preference (English or Dutch). After saving your preferences all labels will be shown in the selected language.
  • Select if your online status should be shown of not shown (hidden) to others. In groups, whether or not you are logged in is not displayed.
  • Click Save.