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Navigating your Viadesk intranet

The main navigation at the top of your Viadesk intranet helps you to quickly access an overview of other intranet users, your groups or your personal preferences. The navigation bar is accessible from any page on your social intranet.

Main navigation

The left side of the navigation bar features:

SCreenshot of the navigation in Viadesk


  • Home: Your personal startpage. This page provides you access to your groups, recent activity on your intranet platform, and general information that is relevant to all members.
  • Members: shows a list of profiles of all intranet users, which can be searched directly by name, department, organization and other profile information. (This menu option may be hidden.)
  • Groups: the Groups menu option opens a dropdown listing the groups you visited recently. In a second column, My groups, All groups and (optionally) Discover groups menu options are shown.Groups navigation dropdown
    Please note: Internet Explorer 8 and 9 show the Groups menu in one single list.

  • Setup: Here you can set the settings for your Viadesk platform. Only webmasters can see this option.

Personal navigation

Screenshot of the personal navigation on a Viadesk intranet

  • Search: This personalised search function returns search results from all groups of which you are a member. It is also a full-text search feature, that also indexes the content of files (Word, PDF, Powerpoint, etc)
  • Notifications: Shows an overview of the notifications of all the items you follow.
  • Private messages: With private messages, you can privately contact all other users on an intranet platform.
  • Help: The Help menu provides links to a quick Viadesk tour, the bookmarklet, documentation and mobile apps.
  • Account: In the menu under your personal photo, you can find your Profile and My Favourites. You can also change your password and Preferences from this menu, or switch to another Viadesk platform where you participate.