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Getting started with Viadesk

Do you want to start working with Viadesk? Below, you can read how to prepare your Viadesk environment in three steps!

Apply for your dedicated environment

Try out Viadesk in a thirty-day free trial and discover what Viadesk can mean for collaboration within your team / organisation.

  • No obligations
  • All Viadesk functionalities available
  • Exchange documents and information with a maximum of 25 people
  • Easy switch from a trial subscription to a regular subscription

Create structure: groups and folders

It is recommended to set up a well-considered structure.

  • Create groups and folders
  • Collaborate with a specific (target) group within one group – a project group, a department or experts
  • Create folders to structure information within a group – for each topic or document status

Communicate with participants

A successful online platform is all about clear information for and communication with (future) participants.

  • Communicate the purpose of the platform
  • Explain the role of the participants. Is interaction expected? If necessary, explain it in an introductory session.

Once you have introduced Viadesk to your prospective participants, you can invite participants. Send out a welcoming email to do this. The welcoming email consists of a standard text and an activation link.

  • Edit the standard email – e.g. with information about the purpose of the environment
  • Add an attachment to the welcoming email – for example the Quickstart Guide or a customised Manual

Need advice to help you set up your Viadesk environment? We are happy to help you get started! Please contact us at or call (+31)(0) 20 305 7660.